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Casey Butler



For years I looked for a way to combine my deep love of education, people, philosophy, and flights of fantasy into something that I could be proud of. League of Wayfinders is the product of my many years of gaming and education combined with a deep commitment to other people. I believe the beneficial possibilities of role playing, when done right, go far beyond the joy of playing.

My background is heavy in philosophy, which has always guided our program design. Derek and I bonded playing role playing games, and we went about about building what is now our dual passion. An enrichment program that is fun, fair, and intuitive, taking full advantage of the benefits the medium presents. Something that offers children an insight into how adult make decisions, and deal withe the consequences on their actions, however uncertain.

I am a veteran of role playing games, and Derek and I have spent the last four years dissecting them into the core components which make them so valuable to individuals and the groups they must work with. I have learned so much in the time we have been offering this unique before and after school program, and am ever more convinced of its importance and impact. I am very excited to bring forward the culmination of the thought, love, and hard work that Derek and I have put into bringing this program and all of its benefits to the boundless imagination of kids.

Derek Johnson



I have spent the majority of my professional career trying to gain a better understanding of people through their care and education. I’m a writer, an artist, an educator, a philosopher, and a mentor, but most of all, I’m a role-playing game enthusiast.

The years spent in the research and development of this program, along with my own personal profound experiences with the many benefits of role play, make me truly excited and proud to have co-developed a program that explores and encourages imagination, self expression, creativity, and collaboration. At times these concepts can be overlooked, especially when skepticism and criticism become the first reaction to problem solving.

I believe that people are capable of more when they work together and encourage each other. When we practice encouragement and collaboration through role play, we develop and master our communication skills, we broaden our sense of empathy, and we sharpen our critical thinking, all while forming lasting friendship and comradery.

Our Instructors


All of the Wayfinders that run our games are trained in storytelling and classroom management techniques to ensure a smooth, enriching, and memorable experience for the kids we work with. We encourage each Wayfinder’s personal interests and talents to guide them in co-creating a story with their group, merging the entire group’s interests and imagination into an ongoing adventure that is truly theirs. At the same time, we work hard to ensure that our Wayfinders make full use of our system to provide a complete, satisfying, and enriching story that explores the themes of each character.


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