In our one-of-a-kind role playing game, players take on the role of a character that they design. Each character has their own special magical powers along with their own hopes, fears, ideas, and personality traits. Instructors then take that information and use it to craft the outline of a story that drives them forward with their hope, challenges them with their fears, encourages and tests their ideas, and caters to their unique personalities. Once the story starts, participants listen to the setting and situations described by the instructor, and react as they think their characters would. This process results in an environment where players must learn to empathize, not only with their character but with the other players’ characters, resulting in a dynamic gaming experience unique to each group.

During the course of play, there will be things that the players simply do not understand. How fire works, how clouds are formed, or what happens in zero gravity. All things are fair game in our fantasy stories, and we take the time to explain and explore anything and everything that players might need to know. They are learning in the context of a story that they are creating, so the information sticks. The next time they think about zero gravity, they might remember how their character had to handle a particular in-game situation, and will be able to recall that information.

League of Wayfinders has no set curriculum outside of story structure and character development. Each program and each day will bring new imagination, new situations, and new magic. Instructors are constantly developing, improvising, and exploring new concepts and situations alongside participants. This interaction creates scenarios that can be discussed, analyzed, and adapted together, in an information sharing, critical thinking process. This creates an interesting and ever changing imaginary world fostering a peer relationship of open communication, trust, and even friendship between instructors and participants.

The philosophy of League of Wayfinders is that role playing games are good for you. They bring people together, instill empathy and cooperation, and teach people that together they can solve difficult problems, overcome obstacles, and learn about themselves in the process. Any age can benefit from this activity, and League of Wayfinders has built a system that tailors to the specific needs, interests, and goals of each participant.

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